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Bellefonte Named the Best Fly Fishing Town in Pennsylvania

Published by Dave Kile, PAFlyfish.com

Bellefonte proudly proclaims to be “Central Pennsylvania’s Victorian Secret” with it’s charming homes in a modern world, but it is no secret to anglers that it also holds a charm all its own when it comes to fly fishing. Nestled in the Nittany Valley of Centre County, Bellefonte is home to some of the premier fly-fishing waters in Pennsylvania. The members of PaFlyFish.com have selected Bellefonte, Pennsylvania as the Best Fly Fishing Town in Pennsylvania for 2009.

Anglers enjoy the world-class fly-fishing waters of Spring Creek that meanders through the town. Other prominent streams such as Penns Creek, Fishing Creek, Spruce Creek and the Little Juniata River are all in close proximity too. The mountain fed and limestone streams provide cool productive waters through out the year that are a delight to fly fishing enthusiasts.

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Governors.... founding fathers and mothers.... explorers... Revolutionary War veterans, as well as WWI, WWII, Korea... They're all here, along with all of the other people who make up the history, fabric and family connections that make up a small town.

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Bellefonte Museum for Centre County

Exhibit Schedule

The mission of the museum is to stimulate curiosity, imagination and creativity, and to promote lively and thoughtful participation by children and parents.

The museum is a museum of the humanities with subjects as diverse as art, history, architecture, natural history and physical science. The museum setting, the Historic Linn House, is integral to the mission.

The Bellefonte Museum for the Families of Centre County has a significant opportunity to offer our program of enrichment to families in Central Pennsylvania. No other local organization has the same mission. We are facing a time of change, a time when we must have new ideas and new ways to solve problems. Exposure to the arts, stimulating imagination and inspiring creativity, can help young people grow to be new problem solvers.

Photo album of Bellefonte

Arts scene alive and well in Bellefonte

by Emily Tarconish, Voices of Central Pennsylvania

There are times when State College, with its big university and bustling streets, overshadows the quieter, more stable Centre County seat, Bellefonte. And there are other times when Bellefonte’s quaint beauty, well-preserved historic architecture and small size make it shine beyond county borders.

Bellefonte’s history as an artist-friendly community helps give that shine its power. Founded in 1795, Bellefonte has retained much of its Victorian architecture against a backdrop of natural landscape that inspires, local artists say.

The environment presents enticing subjects for many painters and photographers. Painter and Bellefonte resident Susan Nicholas Gephart often features Bellefonte’s landscapes on her canvases.

“There are so many awesome vistas around here, such as sweeping fields that reach out to the mountains, farmlands, fresh air and water,” she said. “Painting Bellefonte is my quiet voice’s way of supporting and caring for the environment.”

Local artists Sharon McCarthy and Mary Vollero also depict the local landscape. McCarthy works with a range of mediums, including water colors, pastels and oils, and sometimes constructs collages, combining her own strokes with print.


Bellefonte Airmail Flies again

1928 Boeing 40C Photos at the American Philatelic Society site. Click on the thumbnails to bring up a larger picture.

Penn State's History Rooted in Bellefonte

A number of leaders who helped to found Penn State and shape its early development are buried in Bellefonte's Union Cemetery, a 20-minute drive from the University Park campus. Bellefonte, the seat of Centre County, was the region's political, cultural, and economic hub in the nineteenth century. Union Cemetery is located between High and Howard Streets, one block east of the Court House.

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