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Bellefonte Events
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Victorian Christmas homes tour '08


Annual tour of homes during Victorian Christmas

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Garden Tours


Photos of some of the homes on the Garden Club's 2006 tour of homes.

9 files, last one added on Dec 18, 2006
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Victorian Christmas Homes Tour '05


11 files, last one added on Dec 18, 2006
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Main Street


Pictorial record of the people and activities of the Alliance for Bellefonte Economic Development, the Bellefonte Chamber of Commerce, and the Bellefonte Main Street Manager program.

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The homes of Bellefonte. Have a picture of one of our mansions, or of a special example of Victorian architecture? You can post it here. This is a good place for photographers, both amateur and professional, to show off a little.

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PostcardsPostcards were once very popular, and showed familiar Bellefonte scenes as they were. These were sent to friends and family as a turn-of-the-century "wish you were here" greeting
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Bellefonte History


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Historical Markers
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Historic Markers

Bellefonte has a long and rich history, well-documented by the many state Historical markers all over town. Take the tour online, but also find the time to come and visit in person. There's so much more here than you can see in small pictures.

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Victorian Architecture


This album is open to submissions by visitors. Photos should have a strong Bellefonte theme, and be of high quality.

16 files, last one added on Feb 01, 2005
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General Bellefonte

Bell Tower.jpg

This album is open for submissions by visitors. The photos should be of Bellefonte locations or themes, and should be of high quality.

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Valentine Mansion Fire


Fire claims the 1870 Robert Valentine Mansion, corner of Allegheny and Curtin streets in historic Bellefonte. Volunteer fire crews battled the blaze for several hours, from after midnight until after dawn in an attempt to save as much of the structure as possible. These photos are by Bellefonte's own Mark Houser.

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Bush House Fire


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Project DaffodilPhotos documenting Bellefonte in Bloom: Project Daffodil
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Project Daffodil

CDT - 3.jpg

The first blooms of the first year of the first community wide daffodil project

101 files, last one added on Apr 28, 2008
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2005-April Show


The earlier photos, far left, were from the beginnings of the bloom. In this album, you can see how things changed a week or two later.

20 files, last one added on Apr 23, 2005
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2006- Bloom


Bellefonte in Bloom pictures from 2006

6 files, last one added on Apr 16, 2006
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Visitor Submissions


Photos of the daffodil blooms by Bellefonte residents and visitors

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2004 Flood


Photos of Spring Creek and Talleyrand Park on the Saturday morning following Hurricane Ivan's visit in September of 2004. If you have pictures of the flood that you'd like to add, you may upload them to this Album.

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Random files
Official Bellefonte Historic Markers472 views
Welcome To Victorian Bellefonte1399 views
LaBella Tratoria Dining Room847 views
Snow Morning Country Scene1565 viewsBrian Baney
Centre County Courthouse at Night1636 viewsBy Brian Baney: Victorian decorations, and a wonderful evening brings out the beauty of Bellefonte.
Governors' Memorial643 views
Talleyrand Park, near Spring House359 views
Talleyrand Park368 views
Big Spring, a duck and daffodils355 viewsA scene along the Big Spring flow.
March 22, 2007150 viewsAlong Spring Creek, last of the snow, first of the daffodils. These were planted the first year of the Project Daffodil, in 2003. As of last fall (2006), the Bellefonte Garden Club had ordered and planted (or distributed for others to plan) 90,000 daffodils in and around Bellefonte. We partnered with Penn State in 2006 and donated 7,000 to PSU to plant around University Park Airport in Benner Township, and along Rock Road by the test track.
Lincoln158 views
Union Cemetery-Along Howard Street182 viewsPart of 5,000 bulbs donated to the Union Cemetery Association and planted by the Bellefonte Garden Club are shown here on the ridge above Howard Street. The planting continues for nearly 100 yards from this point toward the Gate House.
Water Street Hillside102 viewsSome of more than 1,000 bulbs planted by resident Olin Blankenship along the hillside behind his house.
Sept. 19, 2008386 views
Sept. 19, 2008506 views

Last additions
Dr. Kevin and Carol Burke home, 299 West Linn Street 1099 viewsA perennial favorite is the impressive red brick Burnside/McCoy house built for Judge Thomas Burnside in 1869. A small summer house and servant’s quarters built behind the main house share the enormous landscaped lot that fills the entire block between West Linn and West Curtin Streets and is actually more easily approached from West Curtin Street. Nov 02, 2008
Molly Fisher home, 177 East Linn Street932 viewsThe five-bay Georgian-style house was built by one of the Criders—one of whom built the 1889 Crider Exchange building on North Allegheny Street. Perhaps Fountain William commissioned the house since, certainly, one of his children Burns Crider lived there for a time in the mid-nineteenth Century. Molly and Jay Fisher restored the house in the 1990s...Nov 02, 2008
Cecil and Sally Houser home, 716 North Allegheny Street880 viewsChristmas is in the air as Nativity sets fill the family room, Old World Santas, the living-room and sitting room. Snowmen occupy the first floor bedroom and Nutcrackers the kitchen of Cecil and Sally’s beautiful, meticulously kept house. Evidence of Cecil’s labors on behalf of the American Bald Eagle as a volunteer monitor for the North Central Region is on view. When Christmas is not the season, miniature lighthouses are displayed on the shelves of the family-room addition built by Robert and Delores Nellis when they lived in the house. Nov 02, 2008
Reynold’s Mansion (Joseph and Charlotte Heidt’s home), 101 West Linn Street1080 viewsThe thirty-room mansion was built in 1884-85 for Major William F. Reynolds in Queen Anne-style with dashes of High Victorian Gothic, Italianate and Second Empire Baroque added by the unknown architect. Its construction of red sandstone required twenty Italian stone-masons and an army of other artisans to construct the stained-glass windows, paint the exquisite ceilings and install the hardwood floors. Nov 02, 2008
Bob and Tammi Schuster’s “Our Fair Lady” Bed-and-Breakfast, 313 East Linn Street1073 viewsIn 1883, John Ardell, a Bellefonte lumberman constructed the magnificent house (the style dubbed “painted lady” by Victorians) of the finest local hardwoods, including chestnut clapboards, black walnut front door and banister-railing, poplar pocket doors with original hand-stippling and red and white oak floors.Nov 02, 2008
Sept. 19, 2008486 viewsSep 21, 2008
Sept. 19, 2008506 viewsSep 21, 2008
Sept. 19, 2008386 viewsSep 21, 2008
Sept. 19, 2008345 viewsSep 21, 2008
Sept. 19, 2008397 viewsSep 21, 2008
Sept. 19, 2008441 viewsSep 21, 2008
Sept. 19, 2008555 viewsSep 21, 2008
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